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Money spells are one of the most praised categories of magic spells. With reason! Since magic exists, practitioners (spell casters, witches, voodoo mambos, Wicca priests, psychics etc…) have developed their powers in order to make money out of magic (or “magick”, according to the Wikipedia definition). PSYCHICORACLE.NET proposes many free money spells to cast on your own. We give you formulas, a list of the materials needed to cast these spells, and also the best prices to buy these ingredients you need to cast powerful money spells (candles, incenses, essential oils, talismans, potions, amulets, charms etc…).

Candle money spell

Geranium Oil
Tea tree incense
Red scented candle (rose petal flavour)
White candle
Green scented candle (apple flavour)
Ivory candle
10 coins
5 bank notes
Night Queen Incense sticks

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Arrange the red scented candle, the white candle, green scented candle and ivory candle in the shape of a star. At the centre of the arrangement arrange the 10 coins in a circle. Put 1 drop of oil on each coin. Place the notes at the centre of the circle. Besides the star arrange the threee incenses in a triangle. Now light the candles one by one. As you light each whisper,

“As this light multiplies
Let the power of my money multiply as well”

Keep repeating these lines till you light all the candles. Once you have lit all the candles, light the incenses and concentrate at the centre of the arrangement till the smells surround the room. If the smells mix and a new distinct fragrance is noticable means the spell has worked. If not retry after a couple of days and arrange the candles in a different order in the arrangement and start lighting it from a different end.

Casino spell

Casino coins
Night queen incense
Ivory candle
Ylang ylang Oil
Mugwort Oil
Cinnamon powder

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Arrange the casino coins in a pile. Arrange the lemongrass in the shape of a cross in front of the pile. Make a paste of the ylang ylang, mugwort and cinammon powder and write the names of the games you intend to play that night at the casino. Do this in the order you are intending to play around the set up of the casino coins. Make sure your handwriting is legible. Now to make the spell work, place the candle at the centre of the cross and light it. Say the following lines 7 times

“O light of devine,
Protect my money tonight
Bring me luck with thy holy sight”

Make sure you concentrate on the games you need to win at. Keep in mind that when you bet you need to concentrate on the coins and cards being dealt making sure you can make your mind one with the spell and the cards. After you have charmed yourself make sure that you blow out the candles and hide the casino coins or else the spell may not work to give the desired result.

Lottery spell

Lavender oil
Patchouli oil
Vanilla oil
Replica of a Lottery ticket
Sandalwood incense
7 Red candles
7 white candles
Black pepper
Cinnamon powder.

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Arrange the red candle in a circle of cinnamon powder and the white candle in a bigger circle around it. In the middle of the concentric circles place your lottery ticket. You can either photocopy the original lottery ticket or make a duplicate with hand. It’s better if you make the duplicate with hand as the human touch is essential for the spell to function properly. Remember the numbers that are the potential winning numbers. Make a paste of the black pepper powder and the remaining cinammon powder with water. With that paste, write the numbers from memory around the candles. Make sure you never see the ticket to recollect the numbers. Once done, light the candles and the incense. Sprinkle the oils around the setup in an order starting with the lavender oil, followed by the patchouli oil and then the vanilla oil. Do not change the order. Whilst doing this make sure you repeat the following lines,

“O blessed light of the flames
Bestow thy luck on me tonight”

Repeat these lines 7 times. Then take the replica and place it under your pillow all night long.

Voodoo Money Spell

Paper money
Red cloth
Pink candles
Tangerine oil
Amber incense stick

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Take a note of paper money. Pierce a tiny hole into it. With a needle, put a string through it. On a red piece of cloth, stitch the paper money. Hang it on the wall like a decorative wall hanging. Below make a square with salt. On the four corners of the square, place pink candles. Inside the square keep a tiny bowl of tangerine oil. Stirring the oil clockwise with the end of an Amber incense stick, recite the following spell,

“Pinned to my life for evermore,
You go with me to every shore.
Though I trade you always for another thing,
Come back you will to make my pockets ring.”

As you recite the spell imagine the growth of wealth in your accounts and the money in your pockets. Do concentrate on the total growth you wish to achieve. This is a voodoo spell so be extra careful with it. Practice this as a ritual three times for fifteen days and thereafter once each day. Wealth and fortune shall never leave your side.


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