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Luck spells (or good fortune spells) are magic spells driving positive energies directly to you. You can decide to cast a spell which aims to help you in a specific domain, or cast a more general luck spell which is working in many areas of your life. Luck spells are not the hardest magic spells to cast. You can check our list of free spells and chose the one you want to cast at home. PSYCHICORACLE truly offers you all the info you need to cast magic spells. All our spells are real and have been tested. We are proud to say it: our magic spells work.

Luck spell

Lavender oil
A red cloth
Seeds or kernels of your favourite plant
Clary sage Oil
Ivory candle
A pot
Some mud/dirt

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Lay a red cloth on the table and arrange the seeds/ kernels at the centre of the cloth. Immerse your hands in lavender and clary sage oils and make sure you spread the oil well all over your hands. Draw a small circle at the base of the cloth with the sawdust and place the ivory candle there. Make sure that the candle aligns perfectly in the north direction. Say the following verse 7 times as you circle the table,

“O heavens above
Bestow thy blessings on me
Make my luck take a round
And increase, once, twice and three folds round.”

Once done take the seeds and plant them in the pot and cover them with dirt properly. Water the pot everyday. As the seeds grow so will your luck.

If the spell doesn’t work, try repeating it again after 15 days and this time take a different set of seeds.

Spell to change bad luck into good fortune

Wok of water
Geranium oil
Eucalyptus oil
Red candle

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Fill a wok with water. Add to it some geranium and eucalyptus oil. Melt into it the wax of a red candle. And Stir anti-clockwise to form a paste.

Take a few spoonfuls of this mixture and set it aside to cool.

Keep the mixture in every open corner of the house to ward of bad luck from entering in. Put some in a tiny glass vial to carry around in order to prevent bad luck from touching you.

To activate its powers, recite the spell below,

“Evil eyes and horror dreams
That plagues my soul and life
No more shall you come near me
To give me grief and strife”.

As you chant face the east and look into the sun. If you are chanting this in regards to the vial then stand close to a source of water and do the same. The source of water will act as the outlet for all the bad luck to escape. Do not stand next to a closed source of water as it shall have no effect.

Luck in business

White candle
Pink candle
Wisteria incense,
The eye of a chicken
Egyptian goddess incense
Replica of something representing your business e.g. cheque book

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Light a white candle and place it at the centre of a hollowed grapefruit. Light the wisteria incense and place it in the hollow of the grapefruit as well. Place the eye of chicken at the base of the hollow. Keep this whole grapefruit set up on the replica of whatever you have chosen to represent your business. Now light the candle and light the pink candle along with it and place it near the window. Repeat this verse 3 times as you tour the room (Make sure you perform this spell in your office space for more optimum results.)

“Hail oh Spirits of luck and fame
Come to my door and window
Bless my work with thy humble hands
Bless it east and west and bless it high and low.”

Walk around making sure the essence of the incense spreads around the whole room. To end the spell, wait until the incense burns out and then blow out the candles. Repeat the same every fortnight.


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