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Cast a beauty spell can help you have more self-confidence in your daily life. Don’t expect a dramatic change unless you are a real witch for decades. These powerful spells are amongst the hardest to cast successfully. Nevertheless, It’s still possible for you to have amazing results if you get to learn how to cast magic spells on one hand, and follow carefully the beauty spells listed below on the other hand. PSYCHICORACLE truly offers you all the things you need to cast magic spells. All our spells are real and have been tested. We are proud to say it: our magic spells work. Why don’t you try to cast your own beauty spell right now? You just have to chose the spell you want to cast.

Spell to lose weight:

Cinnamon powder
The eye of a fish
Blue Nile incense
Egyptian goddess incense
Sandalwood powder
Black pepper powder
Red scented candle
White scented candle
Lemongrass oil

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
In a wok heat some water. To it add some cinnamon powder and allow it to simmer. Squash the eye of the fish and dip it in the lemongrass oil and add it to the mix. Light the scented candles on both sides of the wok , with the red candle on the left and the white placed on the right of the wok. Add some sandalwood powder and some black pepper powder to the mixture once the whole thing starts to simmer. Light the Blue Nile incense stick and place it in a bowl near the window. Light the Egyptian goddess stick and place it near the other window in the room. Now whilst the mixture boils, chant the following lines;

“This mixture boils and boils in glee
I hope it makes a thinner me”

Keep chanting until the whole mixture boils down completely and thickens. Now stir it and strain it out into a glass bottle. Leave this by the window facing the rising sun for 7 days. Then from this bottle take a sip each day. There will be visible weight loss in 10 days from the day you start taking the solution. If desired results are not obtained continue for 10 more days, but beyond that stop as there could be serious repercussions.


A white candle
A pink candle
A yellow candle
Jasmine incense
Olive oil

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
This spell should be performed during the waning phase of the moon. Firstly anoint the candles with the olive oil. Start with the white candle and then the yellow. The pink candle should be anointed at the end. Begin to coat the oil starting at the bottom and going downwards all the way in one go. Coat all the candles in this fashion. Decide on how many pounds of weight you want to shed and divide it by three. Carve the number on each candle. If you want to lose fifteen pounds, you need to carve out the number 5 on each of the candles. If it is an odd number divide the number in such a way that each candle has only very slight variation. Once this is done, set up an altar on a flat surface. Light the white candle and place it at the center. To the left of the white candle, place the yellow one and to the right of the white candle, place the pink one. Cast a circle around the candles and light the incense. Jasmine incense can be used for women and Patchouli incense can be used for men. Then light the candles and meditate upon them. Visualize that you are having the excess weight banished from your body.

Have another glass cup inserted with a wick. As the white, yellow and pink candles burn, pour out the wax into this cup. In this way you will be able to make a new candle. Burn this new candle everyday until you lose the desired number of pounds.


One white candle
One pink candle
One blue candle

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Exactly a week before the woman begins to ovulate, she should consume foods rich in citric acids, like tomatoes and lemons. Do your best to avoid consuming oily and fatty food such as fries, pork etc. Green leafy foods like cabbages and spinach can be consumed.

On the last day of the cycle, place the three candles in the shape of a triangle. Have your husband light the blue candle and say the following spell:

“Bless this divine union of man and his mate;
Give us a daughter; let this be our good fate”

The wife should light the pink candle and say the below spell twice:

“Bless me the Mother of all things human and divine
Bless my womb with a daughter; let this be her shrine”

Now both the husband and the wife should light the white candle placed right at the top of the triangle and chant together this spell:

"Let the child that born to us be
A lovely little girl, wild and free
As sweet as a rose, as tender as a feather
Bless this holy union of the father and mother"

Repeat the spell regularly until the wife conceives.


Yellow candle to represent the Sun
Green candle to represent the Earth
Blue candle to represent Rain
Dried oak leaf
Red ink

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
The most important thing that one has to remember while performing this spell is that it has to be performed when the woman is trying to get pregnant and not when she already is.

The best time to perform this spell is when you are at the peak of your cycle and most fertile. Light the three candles in the shape of a triangle making sure that the yellow candle, the one representing the Sun is at the top. Once the set up is completed, take the dried oak leaf and write the following incantation on it:

Let the sacred oak be born from this seed forth
Let my beloved son be born from this sacred union

Visualize how your son to be, strong and handsome, happy, hale and hearty. Hold this image in your mind for a few minutes. Then place the acorn under your pillow or mattress, before you begin to make love. Have the candles burn down completely. You have to repeat this spell until you conceive. Use the same acorn and leaf every time you perform the ritual but use new candles.


Quartz stone (rose)
Rose petals – 6
Witch hazel – 1 bottle

How to Proceed to Cast YOUR Spell:
Look at the mirror and analyze what it is about your face that you want to change. Then pick up the quartz stone in your right hand and gently run it over what you feel needs to change in your appearance. As you do this, visualize what you want your features to change into. Chant the following spell:

“Stone that represents all of beauty and love
Modify all my imperfections while I rub
Bring unto me, the face I want and the face I need
The way I like it to be”

Have the bottle of witch hazel opened and then have the stone inserted as well. Using your right hand, take each rose petal one by one and rub it over any unwanted feature like wrinkle, pimples or marks and then drop it in the bottle as well. Remember to invoke Venus, the goddess of love and beauty while you do this. Cork the bottle tightly and shake it six times everyday. Repeat this process for a week. At the end of one week, use the hazel on your face as a toner. For best results use it after a bath.


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